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Education Foundation

Education Foundation

Established 1994

The Lampeter-Strasburg Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization designed exclusively to provide financial assistance to graduates of Lampeter-Strasburg High School who continue their education at an institution of higher learning. All donations are tax deductible.

In 1994, a committee of community volunteers met to establish a permanent organization which would have but one goal - to help worthy graduates of L-S pursue their dreams of higher education. The Lampeter-Strasburg Educational Foundation was founded. Funds were solicited throughout the community, and over $126,000 was raised initially to be granted as loans to our graduates.

While continuing its low-interest loan program, the Foundation also receives scholarship donations. We have received funds from the Gene Snyder Estate, the Margaret Kraybill Schafer Estate, Willow Valley, S. Dale High, and Robert and Bonnie Frick. These funds enabled us to set up the following annual scholarships for deserving Lampeter-Strasburg students:

By Application:
  • Gene Snyder Memorial Scholarship - Two $1,000 Scholarships
  • David B. and Kathryn M. Kraybill Scholarship - $1,000
  • Willow Valley Associates Hospitality Scholarship - $500
  • S. Dale High Scholarship - Two $2,000 Scholarships
  • Elizabeth Henry Scholarship - $1,000
  • Reasoning Through the Financial Decisions of a Lifetime Scholarship - $500 (renewable for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years.)

By Guidance Office Selection Based on Established Criteria:
  • Dr. Robert A. Frick English Major Scholarship - $2,000
  • Dr. Robert A. Frick History Major Scholarship - $2,000
  • Dr. Robert A. Frick Mathematics Major Scholarship - $2,000
  • Dr. Robert A. Frick Science Major Scholarship - $2,000
  • Dr. Robert A. Frick "Forever A Pioneer" Award - $2,000

By Special Committee Selection Based on Established Criteria:
  • Meredith Leigh Demko Diversity Scholarship - $2,000 ($500/year for four years)
  • Pioneer Strong Football Scholarship - $1,000


You may contribute in three ways:

Loan program - All contributions are welcome and will help to fund low-interest loans to Lampeter-Strasburg students seeking higher education. Awarded loans are $2,500 per year for up to four years of education.

Scholarships - All contributions are welcome as the Foundation looks to the future to create additional scholarships for Lampeter-Strasburg students. Guidelines would be set up by the Foundation.

Endowed Scholarships - Endowment scholarships may be set up as follows (if interest rates return to an average of 4%):

  • A pledge of $12,500 will support a $500 annual scholarship
  • A pledge of $25,000 will support a $1,000 annual scholarship

Note: If desired, your commitment for an endowment scholarship may be satisfied over a pre-determined payment schedule (not to exceed four years). L-SEF would like to meet with you to address any necessary paperwork and design a scholarship befitting your investment. Our Foundation will work with you to plan the details of your contribution and ensure that your needs are met.


Contact the high school guidance office for information regarding our scholarships and loan program. The guidance office will have deadline information for applications.

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